My Signature Treatment

“If I had to define THE care that I love to give to my patients, MY SIGNATURE CARE : it is the treatment of the mouth.”

Dr Delphine Pagès


Indeed, this is a delicate area, which therefore requires delicate treatment and good technical mastery. And that’s what fascinates me : the finesse and precision of the technique, and the subtlety of the result, which must be both effective and discreet.

Being a woman myself, I know how important this area is important and fragile, and requires the greatest attention.

I adapt to the request of each patient, but keeping in mind that the result must be delicate, elegant, and in harmony with the whole face. I see aesthetic medicine like that, a search for harmonization, and not a transformation.

In a woman, the mouth has for me a capital importance, it represents the femininity of a face, and is the asset seduction par excellence .

Over time, this area of ​​the face, where the skin is very thin, changes :

– at the start, I can note a dehydration with a change in color, the lips are less radiant, duller.

the volume decreases, the lips appear less pulpy, wrinkle.

– then the contours fade, are less marked, cupid bow flattens out.

– then the lips tend to retract and go inward.

– and finally I notice in my patients the appearance of fine lines, then wrinkles, around the edge.

At all these stages, aesthetic medicine can act, thanks to injections of hyaluronic acid :

– in fact, hyaluronic acid is the main hydrating agent of the body, the injections that I practice therefore allow a re-hydration of the lips, which will find a radiant, fresh, glossy appearance.

– the injections of hyaluronic acid also allow plump the lips, and restore their lost volume.

– when it is only a question of restructuring, redrawing the contours and cupid bow, or re-hemming the lips, hyaluronic acid injections are also very effective.

– they also treat wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth.

in case of asymmetry between the upper lip and the lower lip, or if one side seems thinner than the other, I realize hyaluronic acid injections to correct this, naturally.

The hyaluronic acid that I use for this treatment is VOLBELLA ® (JUVEDERM ® range from ALLERGAN ® laboratory).

The treatments carried out in the office are purely medical aesthetic services, which means that they do not require surgery.

Consultations and aesthetic medicine treatments (morphological and anti-aging medicine) are not refundable by the Social Security: all care is subject to prior consultation, with the development of a personalized quote (no quote is issued by phone, or internet).

It is not practiced : nutrition consultation, micro-nutrition, or hormonal checkup.

Are you still hesitating ?

Are you still hesitating? Asking questions is completely normal before launching! I have listed here the most frequent questions that my patients ask me. The first consultation is there to answer all your questions.